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What's in the resource centre?

Want to claim an entitlement?

You can read and print claim forms to send to us.

Looking for information about National Insurance contributions?

For National Insurance contributions guides and forms, including the leaflet 'CA08 Voluntary National Insurance contributions', visit HM Revenue & Customs website.

Looking for more information?

Our wide range of helpful guides offers extra information about pensions. You can read and print a selection of these guides or request to have copies of these guides sent to you by post. You can request copies online or by phone. Some of our information is also available in other languages.

Need extra help or advice?

For details of organisations that may be able to help you see Useful links.

If you can't find what you are looking for, try our site map or our guide to finding your way around The Pension Service website.

Want to make this site easier to read?

See Accessibility for instructions on how you can change the look of this site to make it easier to read.

When can you claim your State Pension ?

Use our State Pension Age Calculator to find out.

Looking for consultations?

Consultations on draft regulations and changes to policy are conducted through the resource centre on the Department for Work and Pensions website.

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